We offer a global equity strategy and an emerging markets equity strategy:

Fundamental Global Equity Strategy:

This is a long-only, 20-25 stock, global equity strategy. It targets absolute returns in excess of the MSCI World Index and lower volatility than the Index over the long-term.

Fundamental Emerging Markets Equity Strategies:

This is a long-only, 25-30 stock, emerging markets equity strategy. It is applied to a universe of companies expanded well beyond the usual emerging market index constituents. It includes internationally listed companies which stand to benefit from the growth of emerging market economies, and have the quality to provide certain protections to shareholders. It targets absolute returns in excess of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index over the long-term.

GuardCap Asset Management Limited

GuardCap is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited (GCG), a Canadian group which was founded in 1962 and whose shares are quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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