We currently offer one global equity strategy and two distinct emerging market equity strategies:

Global Equity Strategy

This is a long-only, 20-25 stock, bottom-up benchmark-agnostic large cap growth and quality equity strategy. It relies on "total immersion" analysis of a small universe of high quality growth stocks, to target not only outperformance versus the MSCI World Index but also significantly lower volatility than that index.



Emerging Markets Strategy

Emerging markets have become a driver of global growth with favourable demographics, diversification opportunities and a significant stock market presence. Our investment approach is rooted in experience, tenure and knowledge. We believe that the best way to generate sustainable returns in a volatile environment is through active management and a cohesive framework that balances stock selection with risk management.

  • Aurora Emerging Markets Equity is a concentrated 25-40 stock bottom-up, benchmark agnostic strategy which delivers outperformance against emerging market indices, while operating with significantly less volatility than the indices and the majority of standard emerging market equity funds over time.
  • Emerging Markets Equity is a concentrated bottom-up strategy focused on outperforming the benchmark. This mandate is driven by a carefully constructed, concentrated portfolio of high-quality, well-managed companies.

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GuardCap is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited (GCG), a Canadian group which was founded in 1962 and whose shares are quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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