We believe that:

  • Long-term sustained growth drives returns
  • Quality protects against downside
  • Valuation matters

Our investment strategies exploit a pervasive, ongoing anomaly in the way equity markets work: that markets focus primarily on the short-term future. They sometimes do not attribute sufficient value to the longer-term future earnings and cash flows of sustainably growing companies. Our investment strategies emphasise long-term thinking, long-term forecasting and long holding periods in order to exploit this.

This philosophy is applied through a fundamental, company selection-based process designed to create concentrated portfolios of companies, each having significantly better quality and growth characteristics than the market average, and each being undervalued in relation to its long-term future earnings and cash flows at the time of purchase.


GuardCap Asset Management Limited

GuardCap is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited (GCG), a Canadian group which was founded in 1962 and whose shares are quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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