GuardCap Asset Management Limited ("GuardCap") is a specialist investment company based in London, United Kingdom. We are focused solely on managing concentrated, bottom-up, strategies constructed on an "index-agnostic" basis for institutional investors.

Our strategies are: Global Equities and Global Emerging Market Equities

GuardCap is a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited (GCGL), a Canadian group founded in 1962 and whose shares are quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange. You can reach our parent company's website by clicking here.

Why Are We Different?

Long-term thinking

The question we ask is, “Will the company still be growing in five years and ten years?” rather than, “Will the company be growing in the next quarter or year?” We seek to identify businesses with excellent economics, increasing the likelihood of the company generating materially higher earnings in five to ten years’ time. All our research efforts are focused on determining the long-term prospects of each company, including our proprietary “Dora Day” analysis of long-term secular growth trends.

No compromise companies

Few companies meet our exacting criteria for growth and quality – and we never compromise on those criteria. We concentrate our analytical efforts on a small number of stocks, allowing full immersion in the fundamentals of each business. Our investment processes are extremely rigorous and detailed, and fully backed by in-depth written reports and models prepared on each company considered for inclusion. The net result is that our portfolios are highly concentrated and offer a uniquely pure exposure to the potential arising from sustainable long-term growth companies.

Learning from long experience

Our two investment teams each comprise four professionals, all of whom have diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and work in a highly collaborative way. Each team combines long experience with the strongest analytical skillset. Our experience with both strategies dates back over 20 years and the lessons of the past, both positive and negative, have been utilised to enhance and refine our investment processes.


Investment Philosophy

We are not a typical value manager or growth manager, but generate our alpha in a different way. Our investment philosophy exploits the fact that markets are too focused on the short term outlook and sometimes do not attribute sufficient value to the longer term earnings and cash flows of sustainably growing companies.

Our Philosophy

Investment Strategies

We offer a global equity strategy and a global emerging market equity strategy, both bound by the same investment philosophy, both concentrated, bottom-up investment strategies targeting significantly better returns than benchmarks.

Our Strategies

Meet Our People

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GuardCap Asset Management Limited

GuardCap is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited (GCG), a Canadian group which was founded in 1962 and whose shares are quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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